What we do

We provide a wide range of services for clients seeking assistance within the business tourism industry.
We research, source and compile comprehensive, comparative quotes for our clients. Quotes for services, suppliers, venues and professionals for the conference and events industry.
Assisting professionals, companies and entrepreneurs to save time and save money. Work smarter, not harder. 

My Vision

My vision for my company is to develop a fully interactive, live website that  will be the biggest and most complex  site ever to be developed in South Africa.
A website which will provide updated and relevant content and directory listings of companies and businesses across all provinces within the business tourism industry.
Website and an App offering valuable content from businesses to businesses and Businesses to Consumers. The purpose of this website is to expose the network of business tourism businesses to consumers and develop business tourism within South Africa.

Our Goals

Creating a market which is encouraged to be innovative, inspirational and to think out the box. Exposing this industry to new possibilities, larger audiences and providing a platform for more interaction and knowledge sharing.
To create a culture within our industry, one of unity, a country known for their exceptionally high standards and unwavering passion for our country. 
Provide a sustainable strategy for uplifting and developing new businesses and entrepreneurs throughout SA. 
Our vision is to encourage all South Africans to believe in the power of working together.  
Why? because we can!

Dare to Dream Foundation

Most importantly,  to empower women to aspire for greatness.
Dare to Dream is for women who have suffered or endured emotional, physical, verbal and spiritual abuse. 
Those women who selflessly devoted their lives, love and time to others who didn’t value them. 
Those women live amongst us, and this foundation is determined to skill, educate and inspire women to believe in themselves and to achieve their dreams.

We have a large data base of suppliers, venues, service providers and professionals around South Africa. We have already negotiated preferential rates for our clients, exclusive to us. We wouldn't be a unique and specialised service if we didn't, now would we? 

Of course we do have generic packages, standardized for all size groups, for our clients who need just the basics,  so please feel free to ask for them.

There are a variety of basic options which offer clients affordable experiences without compromising on service standards. Packages have been created for conferences and team building events which offer amazing value and memorable experiences. 

So don't be dismayed at the lack of specific packages, rates and details which most conference and team building companies have on their websites. We could of course follow their lead and provide an amazing list of options, but then we wouldn't challenge ourselves to totally impress our clients.

Creating a customized conference or event is like cooking for us, a little bit of this and a little bit of that makes a scrumptious meal out of basic ingredients.

So allow us to "cook" up a feast for your team, paying special attention to the dynamics of your professional family. Paying attention to the small details is key to the overall experience.  

Remember, nothing is impossible. So if you think it, want it and need it...we will make it happen. Why? Because we love what we do